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Deploy and host Hugo on Netlify

Hugo is a fantastic static site generator and if you’re looking to move away from Jekyll, Hugo is an excelent choice. I’d say that the initial setup is much easier than Jekyll’s and I’m nicely surprised how quick I was able to put this site together plus Hugo’s blazing fast thanks to the fact it’s built in in Go. I tried Gatsby as well and maybe I chose the wrong theme to start with but both Jekyll and Gatbsy came short when it came to Hugo....

Deploy your app to Heroku

I am not deploying my apps very often (they usually end up almost finished somewhere in my local hell), so every time I find myself with the task to do so, the fairly simple process turns into the research and remembering commands I used in my previous lives. Hence, this guide. I will show the process of deploying an Express app using MongoDB with Heroku step by step. Prerequisites First, to deploy an app, you will need an app....